Rāgs of Guru Teg Bahadar Sahib

Majority of Sikhs know Guru Teg Bahadar Sahib for his sacrifice and as a 'champion of human rights'. Through this project, we want to highlight a shade of Guru Teg Bahadar Sahib’s life, unknown to many in Sikh world and beyond, which is his love for music. Guru Teg Bahadar Sahib was a great musicologist, expert  Pakhawaj  (Mridang)  player  and  recited  Bani in 17 Rags. 

To introduce Guru Teg Bahadar Sahib’s love to many and celebrate his 400th birth centenary, Nad Music Institute will record & share Guru Teg Bahadar Sahib's 17 Sabads in 17 Rags from Guru Granth Sahib. On this  project we will collaborate with expert musicians around the world who will create new compositions in all 17 Rags based on traditional string instruments and Pakhawaj tāls. This is the first ever effort to record Guru Teg Bahadar Sahib’s Bani in all Rags on Pakhawaj tals. The recordings will be shared publicly and free of cost to worldwide sangat. 

We believe that this is an important project because it brings forth the rich heritage of Kirtan as it was practiced, with traditional instruments (Saranda, Taus, Pakhawaj etc.) during Guru Sahib's period.

Donor’s help is required to produce original and high-quality content; Kirtan’s recital along with the traditional instruments (Saranda, Taus, Pakhawaj etc.). To create the world class content, we would collaborate with  expert Kirtaniyas (Ustad Surjeet Singh (UK), Prof. Harbhajan Singh  Dhariwal (Panjab) etc.)  who would spend  numerous hours in composing, reviewing and recording the Sabads.  

The funds will be used to honor the Kirtaniyas, pay the recording studios, cover expenses for travel and sharing the recordings with worldwide sangat. 

You can support the project on Nad Music Institute's page on Dasvandh Network.

Update: Feb 6, 2021

We are making progress!

To commemorate 400th Prakash Purab of 9th Master, Guru Teg Bahadar Sahib, we committed to compose Guru Sahib’s Gurbani in 17 Rags in centuries old tradition of Sabad Kirtan using instruments Saranda, Taus, Rabab and Pakhawaj.

With Guru Sahib benevolence, we are in the final stages of reviewing the Sabad compositions by a  team of four experts. They are diligently working on each Sabad composition from all perspectives of Rag and Taal. To finalize the recordings, we have contracted a studio in Ludhiana, Punjab, India. Our plan is to finish recordings by end of this month and have 17 Sabads in 17 Rags ready by the 400th Prakash Purab of Guru Teg Bahadar Sahib on April 1, 2021.

The progress thus far would not have been possible without you tremendous support and encouragement. We have reached halfway of our milestone; raised $18K against $36K goal. 
Please consider donating generously for the successful completion of this project on the 400th Prakash Purab of Guru Teg Bahadar Sahib.

Thank you for your consideration!

Update: Mar 4, 2021

In February we completed a major milestone and finished the studio recordings in India and USA. A team of 11 members diligently worked together to record the vocal and instrumental tracks. Currently these recordings are under review and editing. We are planning to release the recordings on April 1, the day of 400th Prakash Purab of Guru Teg Bahadar Sahib. 

We are able to get to this stage with your support and benevolence. Please consider supporting this project as we are still far from our goal; raised $18K against $36K goal. 


Thank you for your consideration. 

Update: Mar 30, 2021

In March 4, 2021 update we mentioned the releasing of Sabads on April 1, 2021. Please note that Sabads release date has been moved to May 1, 2021 (Saturday) to coincide with 400th Prakash Purab of Guru Teg Bahadar Sahib. We are planning to have a launch webinar on May 1 to provide a glimpse of Sabads and informational session with the team behind the project.

Stay tuned for more info in upcoming weeks.

Update: Apr 19, 2021

Webinar - Rags of Guru Teg Bahadar Sahib

Launch of Sabad Album - Rags of Guru Teg Bahadar Sahib

Saturday, May 1st at 11am PT (2pm ET) (US time zone)

Register for Webinar @  https://tinyurl.com/GTBS400

Nad Music Institute proudly presents the Rags of Guru Teg Bahadar to celebrate 400th Prakash Divas of the Ninth Sikh Guru. 

Please join us to listen and experience Guru Sahib’s Sabads and compositions on Saturday, May 1st at 11am PT (2pm ET).  

Listen & experience new Sabad compositions of Guru Teg Bahadar Sahib based on centuries old tradition of Kirtan. Enjoy an informational session with the team behind the project.

Update: May 05, 2021

Press Release  - Rags of Guru Teg Bahadar Sahib