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Nad Music Institute is a Washington based non-profit organization with a mission to perform research, promote collaboration between musicians and musical societies, and create resources for teaching music. 

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  • Develop easy to follow courses for vocal and instrumental training 

    • Vocal singing techniques based upon traditional forms of Indian music

    • Instrumental training on traditional string and percussion Indian musical instruments

  • Perform research, publish papers and books on traditional Sikh music 

    • Research on critical aspects of Sikh music like Ghar, Dhuniyan etc. 

    • Publish research papers in leading journals 

    • Facilitate publication of high quality books on Sikh music 

  • Inspire next generation of researchers and practitioners in music 

    • Deliver music presentations at Conferences, Camps, Universities and Colleges 

    • Provide scholarships to selected Sikh music Major Students 

  • Synergize existing music organizations and musicologists 

    • Collaborate with leading musicians, researchers and music societies of the world 

    • Integrate resources for Sikh music learning 

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