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Nad Music Institute celebrated the Sabad Kirtan Heritage on Dec 14, 2019 at Gurdwara Sikh Centre of Seattle (WA, USA). The program included a unique art exhibition in which three artists presented their Gurbani inspired art work. Sabad Kirtan was performed by teachers and students of Nad Music Institute using the original Rags of Guru Granth Sahib with traditional string instruments (Taus & Dilruba), accompanied by traditional percussion instrument “Pakhavaj”. Local sangat from greater Seattle area participated in the program and enjoyed the Kirtan as well as the art exhibition. The founders of Nad Music Institute shared the history of Sabad Kirtan Heritage and presented a vision for its preservation and propagation with the sangat.

Nad Music Institute is a non-profit organization with a mission to spread passion, peace and prosperity in the world by reviving the Sabad Kirtan of Guru Granth Sahib.

Introductory Video

Part 1 - Exhibition

Part 2 - Kirtan by Dr. Manjit Singh

Part 3 - Speech by Prabhmeet Singh and Dr. Manjit Singh

Part 4 - Kirtan by students of Nad Music Institute

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