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The Gurmat Sangeet Project is a grass-root level effort dedicated to the preservation and propagation of the Gurmat Sangeet tradition. Current efforts range from creating awareness and educational material to documenting, disseminating, and serving the traditional authentic compositions. 


Gurmat Sangeet Collection is a website made by a group of students committed to preserving and promoting traditional Gurmat Sangeet Kirtan. This website has hundreds of Sabads by various historical and current Ragis- the majority of which are not available on any other website on the internet.

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KhojGurbani is a collaborative platform that provides content and resources for anyone wishing to establish or deepen their engagement with Gurbani. Their website has endless repository of Gurbani kirtan.

Dhrupad-Dhamār is a project run by Kirit Singh and Jasdeep Singh from UK. They perform research work and perform shabad kirtan in accordance with the values once associated with this great devotional music tradition of South Asia. In their own words "Giving priority to the rags and authentic instrumentation, our intention is to serve the message of the Gurus and Bhagats as best we can."

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