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Introduction to Sabad Kirtan
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The online course “Introduction to Sabad Kirtan” is based on traditional style of Kirtan learning and will cover step by step lessons for beginners in Kirtan.


By the end of the course, the student will know the basics of Sabad Kirtan including relation between Gurbani and Rāgs, fundamentals of vocal singing, rhythm (tāl), notation system and learn simran of Satinam Vahiguru and one Sabad in rāg. 

The course is divided into 12 chapters. Each chapter has text lessons along with audio or video clips followed by quiz and reference material. 

The course is designed to match your learning pace. You can go through all the 12 chapters in 12 days or 24 days or 12 weeks. 

Instructors - Bhai Kultar Singh and Dr. Manjit Singh

Click here to goto the course page.

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