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Online Percussion Classes 




An instrument used in Guru's court

Pakhawaj is one of the oldest percussion instruments used widely since the 13th century.

It is the standard percussion instrument used as an accompaniment in Dhrupad and Gurbani Kirtan.  

Ukhli-Dhama (Jori)

An instrument played in Guru's court

Ukhli-Dhama (Jori) is the precursor of Tabla. It was played in Harminder Sahib but was replaced by Tabla a few decades ago. It consists of a pair of drums, and traditionally players would put wheat dough on the one drum before playing. The playing style of Jori is like Pakhawaj.



Tabla is a percussion instrument originating from the Indian subcontinent.


It consists of a pair of drums, used in traditional, classical, popular, and folk music.  

Nād Music Institute offers one-on-one online percussion classes. The percussion classes will be led by  Professor Harbhajan Singh Dhariwal who is an expert percussionist and has published several papers on the importance of rhythm, Tabla , and Pakhawaj.  

View one of the Pakhawaj performances of Prof. Harbhajan Singh at  

The focus of these classes is on teaching different taals, palta exercise, rhythmic patterns recognition techniques. The classes are open to Intermediate or Advanced skill-level students

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